An awesome guy that anyone can confide to. If you're lucky you date one. They are a big flirt. They are sweet but make dumb decisions and is usually judged by those decisions.
I know a 3 guys named Billy :)
by GAgirlXD February 02, 2013
The act of wearing the same cloth over and over.
(Someone who is obsessed with their billy jeans.)
Billy: God I love my billy jeans!

Girl: OMG they're so sweaty

Billy: Oh thats just because i wear them every day!

Girl: OMG thats so manly!
by BobTheApple July 13, 2010
A slang that commonly used by African Americans referring to white redneck people.
That billy over there in that trailers need to get their beer cans of my lawn with their mullet hair cuts.
by Dolochick, Dolokid, Lacey Lace April 06, 2010
when you got a dollar or more in yah pockett.
hey michelle yuh gun spare me a billy i want a tea from mickeydeez yeaa gurll im billyed up tanyte!
by dj spicey n sexi playmate September 06, 2010
a boy who is whiney, annoying, only wants sex, & doesn't take no for an answer. He's also a TOTAL man-whore & likes to mess around with girls, but not get attached unless he's desperate. He thinks he's hot, but really he's not.
Girl 1: OMG who's the new kid?
Girl 2: Don't bother with him. I heard he's a total Billy.
Girl 1: Eewww.
by gotchyabitch May 21, 2010
British/Irish Slang

Billy no mates

Term used to describe an individual who is alone, usually having been ditched by his or her friends or who has no friends to hang out with.
Often used in a classroom situation to describe one who is left sitting alone at their table.
1. Kezza! Come sit wi' uz. I dinnae want tae be a wee billy sittin' here by mysel'.

2. Andy wiz billied by a' his pals the other day. They went tae the chinky fur lunch an' left him in the canteen.
by Ampicillin April 03, 2010
a complete fucking idiot. someone who has no idea what they're talking about, and is a serial compulsive liar. Usually that guy that follows every one else around and nobody really knows why he's there.
"i fell walking up the stairs today"

"way to go billy"
by Niggii August 15, 2011
some guy who is a huge johan but still manages to go out with someone who is quite fit. this person buys all their clothes from bovvy market and claims they are real but they are actually fake
your a huge billy!
go away you massive billy
your a mega billy
nobody likes you billy
big billy right there
stop billying my stuff
by gabriel samuel de figueiredo October 13, 2010

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