An awesome guy that anyone can confide to. If you're lucky you date one. They are a big flirt. They are sweet but make dumb decisions and is usually judged by those decisions.
I know a 3 guys named Billy :)
by GAgirlXD February 02, 2013
Another name for butch lesbians or women who dress in male drag. "Billy" Derives from the 1940's swing musician Billy Tipton who disguised herself as a man.
1.Cecilia's new girlfriend is a Billy. She's very tough and masculine. 2. Those Drag Kings are very Billy!
by The Big Lebowski Dude November 01, 2007
A fat ugly sleezy scumbag who will stop at nothing to get into your pants, only that he doesn't realize that no girl wants to fuck his 2 inch penis. In the mean time he enjoys watching porn, animal sex, and various ways of masturbating.
Billy: I wanna stick it in your pussy
Girl: WTF?!

Billy: I'm so hard right now it feels like it's going to rip my shorts.
Girl: -_-
by thatchickthathatesbilly August 21, 2009
Hillbilly: someone lacking sophistication in nearly every sense of the word, usually indicates a low level of education and unwillingness to change
Look at that Billy pouring a gallon of ranch all over dinner.
by Billy Hroncich March 12, 2008
Another word for a mobile phone. Mainly used in north Dublin
Let me use your billy to ring someone
by F123 September 06, 2008
1. A compulsive liar, clepto, that likes to superglue random things together.
"Who the fuck superglued the coffee grinder again!"

"It was billy again. What a piece of shit that guy is"

"15 years in the oilfield! Did he start when he was 12?"
by Capt Creel August 12, 2008
a kid from sachem east high school that fingers your girlfriend and thinks hes awesome

but hes really not he sucks
so what did you and billy do at the mall?
oh nothing, but at his house we made out and he fingered me.

i hate him
by ddddddduhhuh April 15, 2008
to have no mates, friendless or alone
i'm such a billy :( lends a mate!?
by sali February 13, 2007
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