One of the talented and (pretty, shmexii, whatever) people in the music industry equipped with a deep and throaty voice only a retard would hate.

And yes, he is married and has two kids and is probably a decade and half older than me.

Lead singer of the band Green Day. Drummer = Tre Cool
Bassist = Mike Dirnt.
Shemxiness is inevitable.
by Yuuri March 11, 2005
Billie Joe Armstong is a sexy and very talented man who works and lives a wonderful life!!!!!!!!!1
Shame hes married really
by GreenDay'r'mi-wrld January 30, 2005
hott bitch with a variety of hiar colors from time to time.
"I don't act just comes naturally to me." Billie Joe A.
by real muzique April 04, 2005
He is the lead singer/guitar in Green Day, the best band in the whole universe!!! And he is so damn hot!!! I want you Billie!!! Yeah and whoever says he is not gorgeous is a serious ass hole who needs mental help.
He is MINE I tell you! Billie Joe is all mine!!
by Bridget January 28, 2005
Billie joe armstrong the leadsinger of greenday. a kickass band that people claim to be sellouts but are just as good a band as they were in the early 90' are not a fan of greenday just cause u think billie joe armstrong is hot......billie joe armstrong is a good guy and is married ....sorry teenies
pouser:OMFGZ billie joe armstrong is so hawt!!!11

me: name one song by greenday

pouser: OCEAN AVANUE!!!

by Danae June 19, 2006
Aside from his ability to cuss like CRAZY, he is a smoker and drinker... and the most amazing punk/guitarist/lyricist/family man/political man/joker/most talented/GUY ON EARTH. Also known as the lead singer and guitarist of the best freaking band EVER... Green Day.
Billie Joe Armstrong is the frontman of the best band ever created, Green Day!!!!!!!
by Kenj May 21, 2005
extremly hott and amazing!!! in the bestest band in the whole world GREEN DAY he rocks my socks i love him sooo much !!!!!!
billie joe is soo hott he melts me
by brittany March 10, 2005

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