Billie Joe Armstrong is the sexiest man alive! He' an amazing guitarist, song writer and singer. I've seen him in the flesh an even seen his ass!He's such a funny guy and he's a great family man with a wife and 2 sons. He's a great front man of GreenDay.You may think they havent been round long but they've been going since 1988! And for those who think he is a "sissy" for wearing eyeliner,he's more of a man than you'll ever be!He's the sexiest guy alive and you need to learn not to judge a book by its cover!
Oh, and by the way I'm evening going to name my son after him!
by Bex February 12, 2005
billie joe is married to Adrienne and they have two children anyone who is not mentally retarded would know that
I want to marry billie joe from greenday he is teh best eva wooot i own joooo.
by billie joe has infinite wives February 01, 2005
one of the sexiest men on earth
billie joe is the hotest person the whole world
by the green monkey December 20, 2004
Billie Joe Armstrong is a very talented musician. He is the lead singer and guitar player for the punkrock band Green Day (formerly known as Sweet Children), he can also play the harmonica, the mandolin, the drums, the piano and the saxophone. Son of Andy and Ollie (Olivia?) Armstrong, married to Adrienne Nesser, has two children, Joseph Marciano and Jakob Danger. The other members of Green Day are Tré Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III) and Mike Dirnt (Mike Pritchard); Green Day are a punkrock band that recently released the succesful album "American Idiot", but is remembered by true fans also for albums such as Kerplunk, Dookie and Insomniac.
Billie Joe is considered by many rather attractive, which is why so many definitions here just say "OmiGOD, Billie Joe is so HAWT!". Those people are mostly posers and you shouldn't pay that much attention to them.
Person 1:"OmiGod! billy jo is so freaking hawt!"
Person 2: "Er... hello, I believe he is famous cause he is a talented musician?And it's spelt billie joe armstrong
by liveYOURlifeYOURway June 06, 2006
Singer/guitarist of sucessful California band Green Day. Has a hot voice and, according to many including myself, looks to match.
Me: So how many Green Day songs do you know?
Teeny Bopper: Um... American Idiot... and... BLVD OF BROKEN DREAMS!
Me: So why are you spending $200 on concert tickets if you only know two songs?
Teeny Bopper: Cause Billie Joe Armstrong is so dreamy...
Me: Yeah... I know what you mean.
by IluvB123 March 04, 2005
A sex god of magnaminous proportions. Wears eyeliner and skin tight pants. Smokes like a chimney. Unbelievably sexy and fuckable. The love of my ami chan life and father to my babies of the future.
Lead singer of Green Day
by Bracken March 08, 2005
best singer & gutarist of the best god damn band ever!!! also the sexiest man ever!!!!!!!!!
billie joe is my sext beast!!
by joe Mamma November 16, 2003

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