someone who teenies adore and give credit for quotes that have been around forever to. confusingly considered "HaWt!!!!!!!!!!!!!111", even though he is very average looking.
teeny:OmG I lOvE BiLlIe JoE ArMsTrOnG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 He Is MiNe!
Me:die you soulless freak!
Is the lead singer of the band green day. He is NOT "hott". Hes ugly. And you teenies need to get over the fact that hes married. You'll NEVER have him. And why would he go out with you(a fan) anyway?
teenybopper: Omg! billie joe is soooo hott! I'm gonna marry him some day! Omg!

Me: To late. Hes already taken. Oh well; he wouldn't have gone out with you anyway. right?

teenybopper: NOOOOOOOO! *runs away crying*
by Jadyn May 12, 2005
~~~~*<3oMg He Iz LiEk Da HoTtEsT gUy EvA aNd Iz So HoTt AnD sExY aNd KeWl I lUv U <3*~~~~
*~~~*i wish he was taller than 5'6" cuz he cant wrap his arms around my 300lb body so im gonna go on cut myself and post it on xanga now k luv u bai^^~~*~~*
by This website is a joke May 01, 2005
21st century sell out
Timmy: hey, isn't that Billie Joe Armstrong, wow he is so punk.

Jimmy: ...........
by Supafrank April 18, 2010
The lead singer for the band Green Day. Thought wildly attractive mostly by fat unpopular teenage girls who believe shopping at Hot Topic is a rebellious act. Crap musicmaker who's only cutting-edge or shocking in the MTV universe. He's also about 20 years older than his target audience, making him eerily close to that 40 year-old guy who hangs out at the high school hitting on freshman chicks.
OMG I love that Green Day song they play all the time at Hot Topic--Billie Joe Armstrong is such a hottie. I want another Cinnabon.
by R.J. Portland September 27, 2006
the hottest guitar player/singer in the world. He is in the band GreenDay. His eyes are dark green and he's to hot to explain.
x: Billie is so hot!

x: Ya he is.

x: Get away from him bitch hes mine
by fucker May 30, 2005
I love billie joe!! BILLIE JOE IS FUCKING GORGEOUS!! he's the best thing God's created!! i nilly got 2 TOUCH HIM!!! but the stupid security chick usherd us all away, dumb bitch. Billie Joe is a crack up, he made us all laugh so hard. I WANT HIM!! he inspired me to go punk :P
there is no word(s) that can define, even close to how hot, tallented, GOD DAMN SEXY and fuckable he is!!!
by kandis April 04, 2005
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