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The hottest guy on the planet... if anyone hotter comes along i will die... too bad hes taken... I love billie 4 eva... billie MARRY ME... PLEASE...
SEXY... hot beast...
by nod_the_sleepy_frog>('_')< April 21, 2005
30 30
awesome, sexy lead singer and guitarest of GreenDay
Billie Joe is so hot!!!!
by fucker March 17, 2005
36 37
Frontman of a punk band called Green Day. They've had some good songs, I suppose. Characterized by many for his unique pronunciation of certain vowels mid~song.


#ett's somthin urnpredictahburhl, bert enn thee ehnd eht s'royt#
'Man, that Billie Joe Armstrong sure talks funny'

Person: 'Hey, Billie Joe Armstrong, how are you doing?'
B.J.A. : 'Amurll royt thernks'
by xmastercelebratorx June 09, 2013
0 2
sexsiest man i ever met 2 die 4 vocals. great onstage and bakstage wish he was mine!!!
veeeaaaarrrdddyyyy veeeaaaarrrdddyyyyyyyyy sexsiii maaaannn
by madeline joe armstrong April 13, 2005
27 30
a) amazing lead singer of green day, a band which is fuckin' a
billie joe is one hot sex mobile. almost as sexy as tre.
by tre's loverrrrr November 23, 2004
32 37
Hot n supa sxc

Lead singer of BEST BAND EVER

wicked in concert

Billie joe armstrong = HoTTeSt mAn ALIVE
by TaNiA March 17, 2005
30 36
Lead singer, guitarist, and frontman of the punk band Green Day. Amazing at everything. Can play about 5 billion instruments. All around amazing guy, good singer, good actor, good guitarist and good at writing songs. Known to make girls (and even guys) horny. See "sexy", "amazing", "yummy", "beautiful", and "sexiest man alive"
Girl 1: wow, Billie Joe Armstrong is a good singer, good actor, good guitarist and really good at writing songs!!! I love Green Day's music and Billie Joe!!!!!
Girl 2: OMG HELLZ YEAHH!!!!!
by Gorgeous Green Day Fan June 09, 2011
3 11