Hottest, most talented man to walk the face of the earth. Father to Jacob and Joey Amrstrong. Singer, songwriter and guitarist in green day. Known to go on stage naked when he knows it's going to be a "meh" show. Great on stage and extremely caring person (despite his music where people don't understand the message he's trying to get through.) 38 yrs old but still one of the hottest man alive (or dead). Name is Billie Joe, not just Billie.
Girl: Billie Joe Armstrong is awesome!

Other girl who's a total idiot: Ummmm....who's he?
Girl: Singer of Green day! You're such an idiot!
by Mel Swirls April 20, 2010
Frontman of the band Green Day. One of the BEST guitar players ever. Bisexual. Wears Guyliner, but it makes him look sexy. Will kick your ass if he has to. Loves to maturbate on stage.
Billie joe armstrong is amazing.
by Trella629 October 20, 2008
Fucking dead sexy....lead singer for best punk rock band out there Green Day!!He also makes a great person to stare at loveingly!!
Billie Joe Armstrong is easy to stare at!
by Shanneen January 08, 2006
lead singer and guitarist in green day (best band eva)hes very very fit etc for more info go 2
man,billie joe is soooooooo fit!
by green day's biggest fan!!!! February 28, 2005
The sexiest man on Earth by far.
Billie Joe Armstrong is sexy!
by a butthead August 17, 2009
one of the sexiest guys EVER!!!! Billie Joe fronts the rock band Green Day with his awesome songwriting.
Billie Joe is the hottest guy EVER!!!!!!
by Who cares February 04, 2005
The lead singer and gutarist of Green Day, and the sexiest guy to ever live. He can sing like and angel,has green eyes you could just drown in, is the most amazing live artist, which I happen to know from personal experience He is a musical genius his lyrics stir such emotion. He can play guitar better than anyone, he can play it behind his head, I do belive that counts for something. He wears lots of guyliner, and kisses guys, although he is married with two kids, but it only makes him that much hotter! He is a very political person who speaks his mind again the idiots in offics. He is a ledgend of his time and he forever will be in the music world.
Billie Joe Armstrong is a sex god living on earth and the best damn musician to ever live.
by xessi180 February 27, 2006

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