Frontman of Green Day.

Talented Musician.

Hot and a Sex God!
Hottest singer ever and best guitarist ever!
by KK January 12, 2005
best singer & gutarist of the best god damn band ever!!! also the sexiest man ever!!!!!!!!!
billie joe is my sext beast!!
by joe Mamma November 16, 2003
Somebody said, "back to "billie joe", he has become a lazy ass at guitar, he had to assign another guitarist to his band, that lazy ass, although the new guitarist is not technically a part of greenday"
Billie Joe did not assign a another guitarist to the band. They used the gutarist, Jason White, to layer and add more depth to the songs. They bring him on tour to play songs of American Idiot and only American Idiot, so don't talk about things you don't know.
Billie Joe isn't lazy. He could play guitar, better then you, whilst doing your mother.
by Dominated Love Slave February 12, 2005
the hottest guy in the world.a total sex god. not only is he way sexy, hes super talented. he has an awsome voice. it sux that hes married. hes deffinatly fuckable. id bang him if i had the chance.
omg its billie joe armstrong! god i wanna fuck him!
by Blonde Jew February 26, 2005
guitarist/ singer for the band green day
(and you cant disagree with that because its true)
billie joe armstrong plays the guitar
#billie #joe #armstrong #green #day
by melissa** June 29, 2006
Lead singer and guitarist for the band Green Day. V. distinctive vocals "I sound like an englishman impersonating and american impersonating and englishman" Currently 33 and married to Adrinne. Performed the song "She" in the buff at a charity event. Very chirasmatic frontman. Unfortunatly most people did not no he existed before American Idiot for they have other albums that are just as good, if not better.
Billie Joe Armstrong is a great frontman.
by Green Day Fan February 23, 2005
Very rad lead singer for the punk-pop band Green Day. Born in East Bay, California where he met Mike Dirnst (the tall, blonde one with the bass) as a child. Happily married with two children(yes, very sad news for all you psycho-stalkers.) and bisexual (in your face you ignorant homophobics!).

Personally, I think he's a talented songwriter and I enjoy his vocals. His songs are definitely not the stupidity of poser bands like Simple Plan.

And I bet that some of you are probably going, "Green Day are posers you ignorant pathetic excuse for a music listener!"

To that I say, "I've heard my fair share of bands, I'm definitely not ignorant on true punk-rock like The Clash, but I do enjoy Green Day, so get over yourselves cunts. If you don't like that they're on MTV, call you local cable company and ask them to cancel this channel for you, so you are not prejudiced by shit like TRL. Give them a chance. If you still don't like them, then fine."
Billie Joe likes his name spelled with an "ie" at the end, because that's how his mother spelled it on the birth certificate.
by 1800-insanity-asylum July 23, 2005
Famous front-man of Green Day

Unique voice and great lyrist

Extremely attractive
Billie Joe... *dreamy sigh*
by BillieJoeObsessivePerson March 05, 2005
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