Frontman of Green Day and a pretty awesome and nice dude. Also no offense but can everyone stop saying he's sexy in all the definitions here? It's getting kind of creepy.
Billie Joe Armstrong has been around since f***ing 198 f***ing 8.
by 52652762 October 02, 2012
The very talented frontman of one of the best bands out there.
Look people, I know he's sexy, but he's been married for eleven years and has two kids! Safe to say, it's time to stop kissing your Green Day poster before bed every night and move on!
by nosferatuumiko July 19, 2005
Hottest guy a hugly popular great day....LOVE BILLIE JOE
damn hes fine, hot sexy beast
by courtney February 25, 2005
Lead vocal of American punk band, Green Day.
He is not only very talented with music skills, he is very hot and knows how to use his talents (which makes him even more talented)
He has a very VERY sexy voice, which suits his voice as many people agrees.
In my opinion, he is the hottest man ever walking on this planet and he always will be.
He is married to Adrienne and has two children, Joseph and Jakob.
He is the co-owner of Adeline Records with his wife, Adrienne.
His real name IS Billie Joe Armstrong. Not William Joseph Armstrong. He doesn't like it when someone asks him his real name. So, if you happen to walk into him down the street, don't even think about asking him that.
by March 18, 2008
The lead singer of Green Day!
the hottest rocker EVER!!
also what idiots with no lives would call "billy" joe armstrong
i just saw Billie Joe Armstrong last night at a Green Day concert! and it was AWESOME!!

by RACHEL!!!!!!! September 02, 2005
1.Lead singer and front man for the American rock/punk band Green day.

Side note to all above definers... teenybop fucks, got over yourselves!
You cheapen music you stupid whores
Billie Joel Armstrong comes up with some kick ass lyrics.
The sexiest guy ever to grace humanity
Billie joe rox my sox
by beautiful_chaos March 28, 2005
fuckin hottie, lead guitarist for green day
Billie Joe Armstong = GOD!!!
by evilangel4ever May 02, 2005

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