Frontman of Green Day and a pretty awesome and nice dude. Also no offense but can everyone stop saying he's sexy in all the definitions here? It's getting kind of creepy.
Billie Joe Armstrong has been around since f***ing 198 f***ing 8.
by 52652762 October 02, 2012
Super duper mega awesome rockstar; Family Man; Lead singer/Guitarist for the great rock n roll band called Green Day.
Billie Joe Armstrong Kick ass so dont mess with him; He is the Atomb bomb, he is the chosen one.
by Jogly June 11, 2010
fuckin hottie, lead guitarist for green day
Billie Joe Armstong = GOD!!!
by evilangel4ever May 02, 2005
Billie Joe is fucking hott!!
Billie Joe = Hot that you can't resistest~
by Christina April 22, 2005
One of the best guitarist nowadays (if hes not the best...).

The most beautiful and orgasmic voice.

My platonic love since I met him! :)
I was in the concert in Paris in January 19th at it was simply amazing! The best concert Ive ever seen. Im gonna be at the 2 gigs at Milton Keynes in June 18th and 19th and in the concerts in Barcelona and Madrid (June 27th and 28th or 29th. They are not announced yet but I have my contacts hehe! ;) All they are gonna be fucking GREAT as usual!)
by Isa March 31, 2005
1. hott
2. Prettier than you
3. Best singer/gutiar man in world
4. nice ass
5. your mom
FUN FACTS: married to Adrienne, whos beautiful, has 2 sons,joey 10 and jakob 7!!! suffers from panic attacks, but who the hell cars..named sexy rock leader in 90's and maybe will be crowned this again we can only hope! I <3 all u guys!!! U ARE AWSUM!!
Tre Cool: Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..nobody knows my sorrow...
BJ: One time i had a dream i pissed in my suitcase...
Mike: You mother fuckers catch me!
Me: uh...meow
The lead singer of the awesomest band in the whole ENTIRE WORLD!!! Obviously Green Day! Along with Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool, Jeff Matika, Jason Freese, and Jason White. Husband of Adrienne Armstrong, and father of Joseph Marciano Armstrong and Jakob Danger Armstrong. Billie was born September 17, 1972. His father died of esophageal cancer when he was ten years old. He is also the sexiest man in the world, and has the sexiest voice EVER!!!
Billie Joe Armstrong is the SEXIEST man in the world!!!
by BillieJoeArmstrongLover102 May 24, 2011

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