At first Billie Joe is an amazing person. He has such an sense for music, that I can't find words to define it. Green Day is an absolutly great band. During time went on his lyrics has changed from mostly personal problems, that a lot of people could identify with, to problems, that should interests everybody (for example: Holiday), but you can still find the thread that is going through all his earlyer songs. I think that's a thing that could define him as well. He is gotten adult, but he has not forgotten the years that had passed by. He as the undiscribeable gift to make such a great music, that you can hear it over and over again. You get involved by it. It's like a wirlpool that sucks you deeper and deeper in it. Also he has the god given talent to make people enthusiastic about him, or if this does't work make them think about him. At the concerts he carrys their fans away in a way that I can't find words for it. He is absolutly rocking everybody there. I heart him once saying that he live for those moments and that's something that you can absolutly see. At some moments you can see happy he is when their fans reflecting it back. At that time you can see how proud he is of where he is. And he realy can be. He stands there on stage with a smile on his face and his eyes are like two twinkling stars, a bit like a little child at christmas eve. Then alwas a could shower runs my back down, because I'm so happy because my idol is so happy. I think he is an very emotional person, which is still pursued by his past. There is so much inside him on an certain emotional level that noboby outside could ever think of. I think he is like in really deep ocean. He is very intellegent and a real rebel of the new age. The way he loves his wife and his sons is absolutly undiscribeable. If you look into his eyes when they are with him you can see nearly the same as if he is on stage. It's so undiscribable how he loves them. He gave them his whole heart and that's something absolutly wonderful I wish will happern to everybody here on earth one day.
I like him so much!
And I can't understand those teens that say they would love him and say at the same time that they want him to get divorced. If they would love him they wouldn't wish him something like that. I can't stand those that say they love him and want to have sex with him. I think that would absolutly hurt his wife and that would hurt him, because if you really love somebody, it hurts you a thousand times more than it has hurt yor darling, if that got hurten. So that also can't be love.
*At first Billie Joe Armstrong is an amazing person. He has such an sense for music, that I can't find words to define it.Green Day is an absolutly great band.*
by *December°**°Christina* July 24, 2006
billie joe armstrong is the lead guitarist/singer of the awesome band green day. He is very attractive and for those who say he is a bad guitarist he is better than you!! I saw him in concert he was cracking jokes that kept me laughing the whole time.He is against george w. bush. dont hold it against him its his view! i too am a liberal.
hot awesome political=Billie joe armstrong
by rokandtalkchica September 29, 2005
Lead vocal of American punk band, Green Day.
He is not only very talented with music skills, he is very hot and knows how to use his talents (which makes him even more talented)
He has a very VERY sexy voice, which suits his voice as many people agrees.
In my opinion, he is the hottest man ever walking on this planet and he always will be.
He is married to Adrienne and has two children, Joseph and Jakob.
He is the co-owner of Adeline Records with his wife, Adrienne.
His real name IS Billie Joe Armstrong. Not William Joseph Armstrong. He doesn't like it when someone asks him his real name. So, if you happen to walk into him down the street, don't even think about asking him that.
by March 18, 2008
Hottest guy a hugly popular great day....LOVE BILLIE JOE
damn hes fine, hot sexy beast
by courtney February 25, 2005
The lead singer of Green Day!
the hottest rocker EVER!!
also what idiots with no lives would call "billy" joe armstrong
i just saw Billie Joe Armstrong last night at a Green Day concert! and it was AWESOME!!

by RACHEL!!!!!!! September 02, 2005
Super duper mega awesome rockstar; Family Man; Lead singer/Guitarist for the great rock n roll band called Green Day.
Billie Joe Armstrong Kick ass so dont mess with him; He is the Atomb bomb, he is the chosen one.
by Jogly June 11, 2010
1.Lead singer and front man for the American rock/punk band Green day.

Side note to all above definers... teenybop fucks, got over yourselves!
You cheapen music you stupid whores
Billie Joel Armstrong comes up with some kick ass lyrics.
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