Billie Joe Armstrong is the hottest fucker around...ok ladies whats more hott..he has 2 sons married to his wife of almos 11 years (only married at 23) loves to rock out hard and long, and is modest about his stardom and money. Fur ur 411 he doesnt like talkin bout his $$ he said the only benefit of it was to treat HIS WIFE like she deserved to be treated...omg..he soo fuckin sexyy
HazyyGrl: Hi I'm a girl who's totally in love with you and just forgot my name. Nice to meet you.
BillieJ: Hey wattup. I'm Billie Joe and I'm in a band.
Hazzygrl: I know. Trust me.
by only if March 14, 2005
A deceiver. Has never attended a guitar lesson in his life. Also, an embarressment to the entire music community. He uses catchy lyrics to cover up his atrocious guitar playing. He plays the all-too-common "power chord" and puts out pathetic 5 note solos. Also, bitches about The United States of America, and doesnt realize that no one is forcing him to live here.
The most untalented guitar player is billie joe armstrong.
by G. Barr June 13, 2006
Billie Joe Armstrong Cannot Sing, he does not Play his Guitar solos live, or i doubt on the record. greenday has a fourth guy whom no one talks too. he just plays guitar, takes his paycheck and shuts up. i recently read a guitar magasin in which american idiot actually placed relatively well on the top 100 guitar albums of all time. after i went on the website to complain, i saw that they were ashamed of this fact, and decided not to. oh yeah, and all you stupid 13 year old prostitots who think ur cool by screaming about Billie Joe Bieng your Mantasy, grow up!
Billie Joe Armstrong And his band of morons all suck at their respective instruments, and should burn in hell
by 123454321123454321 August 27, 2006
Lead singer of the once-decent-cum-dreadful punk band Green Day. A bisexual fuckwit with limited intelligence, lacklustre borderline emo songwriting skill; a very general piece of societal detritus.

An asshole who converted Green Day from a 20th century Punk rock masterpiece into a 21st century piece of canine excrement.

Responsible for the writing of Jesus of Suburbia, arguably 2005's worst musical sample and amongst the worst songs ever written. His vocals are incessantly raucous, unbearably monotonous, repetitive, and bordering on the skill of a Singstar newbie.

Claims that bisexuality is normal (thus clearing himself of defamation) and that all heterosexuality is the result of social dogma. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your fuckwit.
Billie Joe Armstrong - Landslide victor of the coveted Fuckwit of Century award. A moron beyond society's comprehension.
by MrKapper January 26, 2006
really hott guy from green day who is almost as sexy as tre. his teeth are really jacked up and i feel bad for saying that but he is still the second hottest man alive... after tre.
billie joe is the second hottest man alive.
by greendaygrl17 January 03, 2005
"The Pope is a BJA."
by JunkFace April 02, 2005
Frontman of the crap band named Greenday. Extememly bad guitar player, all he does is play repetivive power chords and my little sister can play what he considers his "solos". Sold out with the album American Idiot. Ugly as hell, with teenyboppers that have no taste in music or men chase after him. Greenday sucks, pop punk sucks, mtvnagers suck. It sickens me how terrible bands such as Greenday, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance, or whatever crap get record deals and get famous, yet extremely talented players and bands that are 1000x better than them struggle to make a living.
Anyone that listens to Greenday or likes BJ needs to get a taste in music. Try listening to some Dream Theater, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Racer X, Old Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Dragonforce, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne, Opeth, Pantera, Testament, Arch enemy, Black Label Society, Nile, SRV, etc.
by Matt Tsang August 29, 2005
A faggoty cock goblin who can't play guitar. If you morons think a 5ft nothing greasy black haired mutant with bags under his eyes and jacked up teeth is hot, I'd hate to see who you think is ugly. Cannot sing; sell-out. Knows nothing about politics. Made a horrible CD with fellow faggot bandmates Mike Dirnt and Tre Fag. Tries to capitalize on the "I hate America and/or Bush" trend with passe anti-Bush lyrics, attracting idiotic TRL loving teenagers who call themselves "non conformists" and "anarchists". A representation of everything that is wrong with popular music and sub-cultures among american youth. Needs to retire before he further ruins his music and image.
Billie Joe Armstrong is just another talentless sell-out trendwhore.
by campbell April 24, 2005
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