Billie Joe = washout who has come back for one less effort to be noticed. He is a hypocritical sellout. In the years past, Billie joe and greenday have been seen in interviews claiming they dont want to be famous, they dont care about style, and they never wear makeup or "do" thier hair. AND NOW LOOK... not other words to define them other than SELLOUT... they were good in early 90's but honestly, the song wake me up when september ends is the same fucking lyrics OVER AND OVER. he should go die.
Billy Joe (10 yrs. ago): We dont need to dress a certain way or wear make up just too fit in. We dont care if people like us. We just make fun music:

Me (local music lover): you are a piece of shit sell out and a re a hypocrit to boot. Why dont you give up the makeup wearing and leave it to homo-ass scene kids. Good bye Billie Joe... you suck balls

Billie Joe (modern day): ...uhhh im famouse kid so, whatever

ME (local music lover): Go Fall off THE ENDS OF THE EARTH
by maxwellington November 18, 2005
the lead singer in the best band in the world, green day!!! the hottest person in the world!! has a greast voice and is talented!
that guy isnt as hot as billie joe
by nidhi armstrong-aiken January 15, 2005
The lead sing and guitarist in the band green day, the best band in the world. He is the sexiest dude ever!
Billie Joe is in the band Green Day
by Katee March 31, 2004
Green day front man. Hottest guy ever!!!!! Greatest man in the universe!!!!!!
Hi billie joe lets fuck then play guitar
by Ian March 15, 2003
hotness it's self..he is the j o s of my little world..I LOVE BILLIE-JOE!
billie joe is so hot
by william-joe December 04, 2005
An extremely talented singer who's band Green Day blows faggot Blink 182 out of the water.
Billie Joe is awsome and Blink 182 sucks.

P.S. Leyla&Kristine needs to go back to English class so our eyes don't bleed when we try to read her spelling.
by ***someone*** November 28, 2005
Front man of Green Day. Writes the best music around and is soooooo fit. i'm pretty sure that we live in Green Day's world and any member of the band, billie joe, Mike Dirnt or Tre Cool would be suitable candidates for the new GOD.
The bible should watch it's day are coming.
by uncool_before_uncool_woz_cool March 28, 2005
The lead singer of the band Green Day, the most awesome band on the earth, who just happens to be a sexi beast/the hottest man to has ever set foot on this planet! He would make any guy or girl want him, badly. For those of you who don't agree, FUCK YOU!
I wish I could fuck Billie Joe every day, all day, til the day I die!
by Whatsername91 March 24, 2005

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