Billie Joe Armstrong is the lead singer and guitarist for the California-born band Green Day. He is accompanied by Mike Dirnt on bass and "Tres Cool" on drums. Green Day has had a steady following since the 90's, but is most recently popular for its considerably crappier, emo-ier, more mainstream album American Idiot.

Billie Joe is EXTREMELY SEXY in a pair of tight pants and eyeliner.
He is also notorious for masturbating onstage during one of his concerts.
I love Billie Joe Armstrong's vocals in Greenday's songs, and if he weren't married, I would be all over his fine, rocker ass.
by Trishhhh July 19, 2006
billie is the sexiest hottest babe on the earth!!!! i really want to meet that sexy beast!!!
i once maturbated to him:)
by Michelle March 10, 2005
2nd Hottest man on earth (right behind mike dirnt) front man for green day. SOME (keyword) girls obssesed with him!!
Me: God, Melissa, you're, like, OBSSESED whith Billy Jo Aarmstong!!
Mel: It's spelt BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!! and no i'm not!!
Me: you 1,754 pictures of him cut out mags.
Mel: Umm... it's 1759.
Me: Oh, god.
by Mrs. Shelly Dirnt June 03, 2006
he is the most sexy man alive.... he is 20 year older then me bet I love him like a person and like a ma... he is hot... green day is the best rock group ever!!!!
i love him... I can't wait to fly to U.S.A. and go tu his concert.... I love him... my bigest dream is to meet him...
p.s. i hate Adrianne....nothing personal but she is Billie's wife so I don't like her..... o my god i love Billy Joe....
billie joe armstrong is such a perfect man....Oh I can't wait to meet him.... I am so exited...i hope to see him before he gets old....hmz.... I love him so....
For example my boyfriend left me Cauze he could't share my love with Billy Joe....It is so unfair.... I am dreaming about Billy Joe sometimes.... oh..... I love he like a person ,like musician,like man and like family man... aw...
by Adeline_me June 23, 2006
you can also see sell out
guitar/singer of green day who sold out with the releases of minority and american idiot. Little kids and tweens everywhere listen to this pop shit. yes no punk or rock about it
by DARBY CRASH June 04, 2005
Some sad excuse of a human in a band that destroys the name of music.
Girl: Billie Joe Armstrong is the htotest guy in the world!! OMG!!
by RlKKl April 01, 2006
Lead Singiner and front man of Green Day. He is talented in both vocals and guitar and very enteraining during live performances. However, he is gay.
Dude, did you hear? That dude from Green Day(Billie Joe Armstrong) likes tha cack
by The Mizzan December 10, 2006
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