A man i idolise not because he looks "HAAWWWTTT" in drainpipes or with black spiked hair. I idolise him because he is an amazing musician and songwriter and has taught me more about writing and perfoming music than anyone one this planet. Put simply he is just a man, but complexely, an ideal, that a short boy from a disadvantaged family can turn himself into not only the frontman for the greatest show on earth at the moment, but an inspiration for all the guitar slinging punks out there.

Good work billie, can't wait for the new album.

P.S. I don't care what they say, American Idiot was Rad!
billie joe armstrong is my hero!
by pagis88 November 28, 2006
Billie Joe Armsrtong is... sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy and most of all SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 bad hes married tho. :'(
Billie Joe Armstrong is the sexiest guy to walk the earth!!
by bilie joe luverrrrrrr November 06, 2005
hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot HOE, sings hot hot hot hot hot hot songs and is uh pretty to look at.
i went to the show on april 22 rite....billie joe masturbated on stage, well let us just say that my life was made at that very moment, and uh, i haven't stopped smiling....soo..yes..
by evil eyes May 02, 2005
The hottest guy on the planet... if anyone hotter comes along i will die... too bad hes taken... I love billie 4 eva... billie MARRY ME... PLEASE...
SEXY... hot beast...
by nod_the_sleepy_frog>('_')< April 21, 2005
Billie Joe Armstrong is the hottest guy on earth and the lead guy dide of green day! YAY
Billie Joe is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hott!
by WiLd4U29620 April 06, 2005
awesome, sexy lead singer and guitarest of GreenDay
Billie Joe is so hot!!!!
by fucker March 17, 2005
The hottest, sexiest, man alive; lead singer and guitarist of Green Day; pretty and demented; as of 2009 is 38 but looks like 21 in the music video "Know Your Enemy"; dropped out of high school as a senior, on the last day

Born: February 17, 1971
Billie Joe Armstrong:
"She's a rebel, she's a saint, she's the salt on the earth and she's dangerous"
Crazy Fan #1:
G.D. Addict #1:
Crazy Fan #2:
"I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!"
G.D. Addict #2:
by Roxanne Witherbee July 09, 2009

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