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For those of you who who say he is very talented, you are hopelessly wrong. In Green Day songs there is something that is missing out of most 'rock' music today. Solos! The true essence of metal. Green Day rarely have any of these and when they do they are pathetic. Green Day were once good. Now they are Pop-Punk sell out's. How can all you bitchez say he's the 'sexiest man on earth' he damn well wears eyeliner the gay! Most of there songs are SO easy to play! Just listen to 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' dun dun CHA. dun dun CHA. A five year old could play that. You bitchez need to get a life man,'stead of idolling over someone your NEVER going to have. The lead singer should have had his name changed to Billie Joe 'Three Chord' Armstrong.
Please don't get me start about Billie Joe Armstrong. Make that 'Three Chord' Armstrong.
by Hawke September 13, 2005
42 122
awesome, talented, wicked sexy lead singer and guitarist for awesome cali-native band GREEN DAY!!! also awesome in concert. great music. been around for a while, but they seriously own!!!!
billie joe armstrong = sexy
1863 844
The lead singer/guitarist of Green Day. Has been known to cuss a lot and expose himself in front of thousands of people.
"All hail Billie Joe Armstrong, the defintion of SEXY"
by yo mama November 06, 2004
1253 376
frontman of green day

and the sexiest man on earth...
Billie Joe Armstrong was wicked at the Green Day concert last night.
by Carmen November 14, 2003
1432 591
The sexiest man alive, not only talented and gorgeous, but hilarious. Also a great familly man; awwwwww.
His interviews say it all, or should i say he says it all. his music can give him that image that he doesn't care, and for alot of things he probaly doesn't, but his family is very important to him.
by Christie Hagen January 27, 2005
1098 417
Billie Joe Armstrong is the hottest guy ever! He's the lead singer of the best band in the world, GREEN DAY! yay! he has a hot sexy voice....
Billie Joe Armstrong=hot sexy guitarist!
by CraZy Chr!s February 26, 2005
1004 406
Frontman of Green Day.

Talented Musician.

Hot and a Sex God!
Hottest singer ever and best guitarist ever!
by KK January 12, 2005
849 341
Sexxiest man alive Lead singer and guitarist of the world's favorite punk band GREEN DAY(they give the best show) The American idiot pritty and demented at the same time
billie Joe= banging hotness
by Ashley March 07, 2005
738 296