A big ass sign usually found on the sides of roads for passing motorists to stare at...eventually leading to massive horrific car accidents...but it does GREAT for advertising
Wow...that is a funny ass billboard
by adam1185 July 02, 2003
Something you see on highways that shouts "please spray paint grafitti on me!"
I was doing fine until I crashed into that billboard.
by Shaqburger July 01, 2003
Was first used wen Bill got nailed to a board, and people wrote little notes like "twat" and "stop hanging around" since then people have used this theory to place notes on a board.. Bill's tend to stay away from it.
Please feel free to advertise your product on a billboard.
by leavethisplace June 30, 2003
1) A very large structure, often atop buildings. Its only purpose is to have large posters plastered to it to advertise to drivers and their passengers.
2) Anyone who where clothing which features the company that made it, like most T-Shirts made by Nike or Tommy Hilfiger
1) Driver: Look at that Captain Morgan's billboard.
Passenger: Let's go to the liquor store.

2) Idiot: Check out my Nike T-Shirt. It was only $35.
Anyone smarter than the apes: You stupid fucker, that's just a regular black T-Shirt that says "Nike". You wasted $35 to be a billboard.
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
Targets, signs by the road that are fun to shoot.
While I was riding home from work, I got out my gun and shot at a billboard.
by Clinkler April 26, 2008
when you are getting blown, ejaculate on the girl's forehead and (using your finger) proceed to write your name on her foreheard using the jizz
"Yo I totally billboarded this girl last night, I wrote N-I-C-K right across her forehead.
by Nicktastic October 30, 2007
Ugly wastes of advertising, and road side litter. Let the sky be seen
Passing one day on 410@90 in San antonio a sign with the words UGLY KIDS
and a picture of two ugly kids on each side of the white letters.
by Katastrophic September 11, 2003

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