Prestigious aussie surf brand... adored by the teenage population... sells products at RIDICULOUS prices... but dumbass brainwashed kids buy them anyway to be 'cool'... pretty damn pathetic.
Ally: Hey, i just bought this hair-tye from Billabong for just $200! i look SO totally cool! (flicks her blonde hair)

Jess: (omg. what a total idiot!) uhhhh.. no comment.
by grisella May 14, 2004
The cost of weed downunder.
Hey mate, what did you pay for this weed?


by Acedaddyyo April 19, 2011
An over-rated, too expensive clothing line that is hideous.
Mommy! I need money for Billabong shirt so the other girls will accept me!
by Megan From Hell August 22, 2006
Can be used as slang for a bong
'I need to get faced - pass me the billabong'
by Hugo A Gogo June 09, 2005
1. expensive skater brand clothing

2. affectionate name for your penis
she tugged on my billabong real hard
by mike d June 02, 2005
ana brand of clothes that you pay everything for a million dollars and it sucks cock.
its made by slaves, cost to much and generally just looks crap
oh look at this lovely billabong shirt it looks like crap!
by Cyna December 15, 2004

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