The best surf brand ever,no matter the price. And it also sponsers wikked surfers like Taj Burrow,Andy Irons and Tiago Pires.
Awmigawsh,Elyce you are a total Billabong junkie!
by Elyce May 15, 2004
Yes, Billabong is an Australian surf brand stolen by Americans. the origin is sometimes referred to a river in Australia. The Americanized origin refers to the stereotypical pothead surfers. Urban myth is Billabong used to be Build-A-Bong but it soon changed.
Dude, that Billabong shirt is tight. Let's go smoke a bong while we're at it.
by ModernxSwinger October 12, 2006
Stands for "Boy, I Love Lighting A Bong!"
School < Billabong
by bigfun July 07, 2009
Yet another way America tries to emulate the Auzzies.
"Like, oh my god dude, look at my new billabong polo! i'm like so totally a surfer dude, dude!"
"Like, oh my god dude, i know! let's throw some shrimp on the barbie!"
by Tamyraptor July 06, 2005
australian slang

a small pond, or hole of water.
gawd daymmit mayt, im thirsty, lets rest at this billabong so we can cool our tinnies (cans of beer) down.
by matty June 24, 2005
The most widely sold "surf brand" in Australia, which is a complete rip off and has stolen the name of a small river in central Australia. Unfortunately considered cool until teenagers realise what "Gucci" and "Armani" are and bleed their parents dry, while talking on their mobile phones and eating fast food.
"Once a jolly swagman, camped by a Billabong, under the shade of a Quiksilver tree"
by KinGAleX March 21, 2005
One of the funnest words in the world. On a level with quark and discombobulate.
Billabong. Billabong, Billabong, Billabong. I could say this for hours...
by Lady Chevalier March 23, 2005
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