for ignorant people such as ms. greene who think billabong is simply a company, it is an australian word meaning a stream or dead end channel that only has water when it rains.
by gonads September 02, 2003
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Contrary to what you might think, there actually is an origin to this clothing company's name. A billabong is an Australian name for a dead-end channel, or a stagnant pool.
I went swimming in the billabong today mate.
by zanny May 27, 2004
A branch of a river or a still backwater or pond, and often one that may noticably dry up in the dry season.
by drl May 22, 2003
One of the coolest surfer clothing brand in the market.
WTF, 50 dollars for a Billabong polo-shirt?? Oh well, whatever, I need acceptance...
by rafarafa May 24, 2005
a derogatory term for australians
The hostel was hell. It was full of backpacking billabongs. All they talked about was outdoor sports and "pardaying".
by LaQueshie April 05, 2007
1)The best ever brand of clothing irrespective of the price.

2) A dead-end channel extending from the main stream of a river.

3) A streambed filled with water only in the rainy season.

4) The best word ever

4) A stagnant pool or backwater.
Oh dear dude, that Billabong shirt is fly even if it did cost $100
The best surf brand ever,no matter the price. And it also sponsers wikked surfers like Taj Burrow,Andy Irons and Tiago Pires.
Awmigawsh,Elyce you are a total Billabong junkie!
by Elyce May 15, 2004

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