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A person who's able to say "fuck you" if you speak Spanish or "jodete" if you speak English.
Im bilingual, I can offend you in many languages... cabron.
by Toronto Raptors January 27, 2008
The fluent ability to use both an apple computer and a PC interchangeably
Yes, I am bi-lingual, I can comfortably use both a Macintosh and Windows!
by flippytale January 13, 2004
the ability to speak two or more languages fluently in conversation with a person or persons of similar high intelect, but mostly for high end banter
"excuse me are u here for the Bi-lingual interview"

"err naturally,don de esta ich trinke mein this you massive rod"

or "meine kampf bitte, unt je mapelle doob"
by thrashbestos November 23, 2011
A person able to speak two languages


A person who isn't an American.
1. I speak English and Russian. I'm bi-lingual!
2. That person is bi-lingual. Perhaps we shouldn't have spit in his food.
by Soyuz January 15, 2004
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