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Someone who has sex with bikes.
Oh did you see that bikosexual getting it on with a mountain bike back there?
by JohninAD November 12, 2006
Bikosexual is basically part heterosexual and part metrosexual. Bikosexual people are straight, but like some things that some people would consider to be gay. Bikosexual guys enjoy listening to rock/rap whatever "guy" music as well as "girl" music such as "pop" or any other girl-ish music... Bikosexuals dress and act like normal heterosexual men but are very secure with their masculinity so they are capable of joking around and acting gay sometimes... Bikosexuals are easy to talk to and get along with. Bikosexuals are very open and can relate with the opposite sex. Bikosexuals are also very loyal and honest with their friends, and don't ever cheat either. Bikosexuals are usually really good looking and are usually surrounded by the opposite sex. Basically, Bikosexual people are the coolest people ever...
Girl: Omg, that guy is so hot, why is he listening to pop music, is he gay?
Guy: Heck no! he's just bikosexual. It's kinda like being metrosexual but cooler.... and he's straight...
Girl: Damn!! that's the kind of guy I need to get!
by FShadow7 July 05, 2006
Cycling enthusiasts that enjoy dressing in common cycling attire, primarily wanna be road cyclists i.e Tour de France types. Bikosexuals enjoy adorning themselves in spandex shorts with butt pads, brightly colored spandex shirts, aerodynamic helmets with cute little rear view mirrors attached, cycling gloves and specialty cycling shoes that look like slippers or ballet shoes.
I was late for the meeting because I got stuck behind a group of bikosexuals that were blocking traffic.
by buttpad October 14, 2010
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