Bikey is a word mostly used in fanfictions which describes romantic/sexual feelings and/or acts between two members of the band My Chemical Romance; Mikey Way and Bob Bryar. As you can see, Bikey is a combination of the names Bob and Mikey.
Yeah. It was totally hot. I especially loved the part where Ray found Mikey and Bob together in the shower.

Did you read that new Bikey story.
by Dead!22 February 14, 2008

1. of, or pertaining to to bicycles, bikes, or cyclists.
2. bike-related.
3. having the characteristics of a bicycle, cyclist, or accessories related to either.


1. informal: bicycle, bike.
I rode to work today in my bikey shoes.

There should be a lot of bikey people at the party tonight.

Joe just got a new bikey, it's hot!
by ohaijoe June 10, 2010
1. A person into bikes.

2. Of or about bikes.
1. How could you not have a major summer crush on him, he's bikey.

2. She made this bikey movie about riding on Broadway
by .team woodlawn. May 21, 2006

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