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Bikey is a word mostly used in fanfictions which describes romantic/sexual feelings and/or acts between two members of the band My Chemical Romance; Mikey Way and Bob Bryar. As you can see, Bikey is a combination of the names Bob and Mikey.
Yeah. It was totally hot. I especially loved the part where Ray found Mikey and Bob together in the shower.

Did you read that new Bikey story.
by Dead!22 February 14, 2008
10 7

1. of, or pertaining to to bicycles, bikes, or cyclists.
2. bike-related.
3. having the characteristics of a bicycle, cyclist, or accessories related to either.


1. informal: bicycle, bike.
I rode to work today in my bikey shoes.

There should be a lot of bikey people at the party tonight.

Joe just got a new bikey, it's hot!
by ohaijoe June 10, 2010
7 1
1. A person into bikes.

2. Of or about bikes.
1. How could you not have a major summer crush on him, he's bikey.

2. She made this bikey movie about riding on Broadway
by .team woodlawn. May 21, 2006
10 8