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Biker Guy is what happens when a douchebag owns the entire box set series of Sons of Anarchy and watches it so much that he actually thinks he is in the gang. They typically began their biker career on a Sportster or any other female bike they can get their hands on. They are known to get multiple tattoos which are usually of poor quality and/or unfinished which they constantly show off by wearing tanks or going shirtless even in bad weather. Their physical appearance is that of an extreme douchebaggy posture which involves the chest pumped out and the arms held up and out. This is an attempt to gain respect by either their mom or small childeren. Biker Guy always talks about his "hog," or his next "run!" Biker Guy thinks he is a big deal he sits in his driveway revving his Sportster until he runs it out of gas. Biker Guy usually trys to project his voice indoors or in small groups to make up for his Richard Simmons like physique. Biker Guy always wants to fight but cries when he gets his ass kicked. Most of all Biker Guy wont go to biker bars cause he knows he will get raped and his Sportster shit canned. Biker Guy is one of the ultimate douchebags!
Oh shit look at biker guy and his scary tattoos i bet his mom thinks hes tough.
by DirtyDeeBrewer November 29, 2016
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