Someone who doesn't own a bicycle, or doesn't ride their bike as much as their friends but they think it would be very fun. A bikecurious person has a high likelihood of becoming a bikesexual later in life.
Andrew thought his lycra clad friends Blair and Reid were having a lot more fun riding bikes than he was, so the bikecurious Andrew decided to buy a bike himself. Two months later Andrew was a full blown bikesexual and couldn't be more proud.

Sam didn't own a fixed gear but he though that his friend Jack and Bruce were having a lot more fun doing track stands and hipster tricks then he was so he began having bikecurious thoughts about getting one himself despite knowing one day he might become a bikesexual.
by belonipony November 16, 2009
Top Definition
South Park joke. (The F-Word)
A straight man, who doesn't own a Harley, but likes them, and might buy one some day.
Eg. Butters is bike-curious.
by southparkrebellion November 04, 2009
Straight man who doesn't own a Harley, but likes them and is thinking about getting one someday. See fag.
"I'm not a fag yet, sir, but I am bikecurious."
by NinjaoftheNight November 04, 2009
Some one who is curious about Harley motorcycles and would want to own one, one day.
Person #1: So what do you call a straight person who doesn't own a Harley, but would like to own one in the future?

Cartman: Well you call them "Bike Curious".
by xEdxViciousx November 04, 2009
A person considering to get a Harley
I'm thinking of getting a Harley, Im bikecurious
by Awol-- November 06, 2009
Someone who is bike curious is someone interested in being a fag motorcycle rider later in his life.

First heard on southpark on November 4th 2009.
Steve: Do you think that guy is a fag?
Jake: No, I think he's just bike-curious.
by Easius November 04, 2009
n.) Someone who does not own a Harley, but is intrested in buying one someday.
Judge: "What if you don't own a harley, but want to buy one?"

Butters: "Then you're bike-curious."
by I'mJustThatGuyYouKnow November 24, 2009
A person who is kinda into bicycles and bike culture, but doesn't go on bike blogs or bike websites. Probably rides a street bike, but doesn't have a fixed gear. Not quite bikesexual just yet, but getting there.
I wouldn't say Mike is bikesexual, he's just bike curious, he doesn't even ride a fixie.
by Hipster Superman January 03, 2011
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