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Bitch + Dyke= Bike

insult used for bitchy lesbians..ha
that bike was holdin hands with my boyfriend im gonna pop a cap in her ass
by Spencer swa. October 01, 2006
Someone that's shagged almost everyone in the neighbourhood.
Kerry is the village bike. Everyone's had a ride on her!
by Alex February 13, 2004
something that get's stolen from little white kids all the time.
Timmys bike was stolen by a mully! An essay on a bike, it must be stolen.
by Jihad Steve August 24, 2006
A furry land mammal, found on farms and large areas of open grass.
Hey, i rode a bike last year, at my grandfathers farm.
by Jbeach, angemyster August 07, 2008
Something that is usually stolen by a rabid nigga.
Nigga stole my bike
by UrbanRedneck July 03, 2010
someone who will shag anyone
She's an old bike
by veruca salt April 18, 2003
A tool of travel in most places; a tool of Satan inside cities.
Suburbanite: "I love riding my bike wherever I go."

New Yorker: "I will stab you."
by thedorkofyork August 04, 2012
Another word for Spuffy.
I read this awesome Bike fic yesterday! Buffy confessed her love to Spike!
by Poetic Ramblings October 03, 2010