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A bike boner is what a cyclist gets when they see a very nice bicycle either on the road, in a shop or locked to a bike rack.

In most cases it is a bicycle that they themselves cannot afford.
A hipster would see a fixie all decked out in radical ironic colors and totally pop a bike boner.

A Performance Cyclist would see a Trek or Cervelo decked out with all the most unnecessarily expensive components and get a raging spandex bike boner.

A Cross-Country cyclist would see panniers, saddlebags and fenders and erect a towering bike boner.
by fireproofpants October 02, 2010
When a dedicated biker ether rode or mountain is in the process of buying a new bike and they won't shut up about it. A bike boner will effect both male and female riders of all ages. the bike boner is a serious problem for those around it dew to the rider's in ability to shut up about his new bike he's going to get. most commonly effects People who work at Bike shops.
Kevin: man i cant diside wether i should get the XO cranks or the stock one's on my new treck remedy.

Jason: shut up Kevin!
Kevin: Yeah your right i should totally get the XO and a FOX fork.
Jason: shut up!
Chris: Jason its just his bike boner going off, just let it pass it's court.
Kevin: OHH no i'm totally going to get Rock shock Boxer and make it more a free ride bike. YES!
Chris: Kevin SHUT UP!
Kevin: Yeah your right then i can ride a little DH that way. fuck yeah!
by Cross man June 26, 2013

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