a real popular graffiti crew in ca newark,uc,and fremont
bik is getting up on roofs and shit
by tomis June 04, 2006
Top Definition
Russian term for "bull", hard headed individual
you're a bik and a half!
by nike March 23, 2005
A certified pimp who shows all charactertics and traits of a true baller, bitch!
Look its Bik the super pimp!
by Travis Mellon February 08, 2005
A made up work that means nothing, but can be used as a universal insult.
Tom- Wanna head to the party on 5th?

Chris- Nah, they are all a bunch of biks
by CBiklo July 25, 2016
A bik is someone who is a bitch.
Joshua: whatta Bic

Qsean: actually it's spelt "bik". you bik.
by Mang mangling mangler September 27, 2014
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