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The French word for "jewel"
Pier, please get that bijou out of my pussy.
by Luke June 20, 2003
a hamster from hamtaro who likes gems and hamtaro.
by gourry August 23, 2003
Owner of the Analogic Death Stump, which will never work to foil Tithead's plans.
A type of woman, who is incredibly dim witted and slow, yet still manages to charm, however get too close to you and she'll eat you and your family especially if your name starts with N, avoid at all cost.
oh, dont go near that bitch, shes a total bijou, she's dangerous.
by mellorine August 23, 2009
Alter-ego of the kinkily evil imfamous Thong-face scourge of the civilized world and Arch-Nemisis of Tithead, Suparheroe for teh FUTAR!!
by rukkh June 18, 2003
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