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The acronym above makes absolutely no sense. It is confusing and gay; just almost as gay and confused as the man himself. Sadly, Rigo's homosexuality exceeds the capability of any word to describe. The man draws great attentions to his sad little life. The idiot looks for sympathy and pity from others, only making himself into a much greater ass in the big picture.
If you are reading this, oh great flaming one, please get over it.

P.S. happy fistings to you and Jose.
by Joe Muh'Fukin Brown March 14, 2003
A gay porn star famous for his fisting videos.
Rigo in Confessions Of A Dangerous Ass.
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
that drummer foo from box social. (check also 'pussy-face')
God damn! that pussy-face is at it again!
by Jesse Yang March 13, 2003
1. Much more of a coward, cheapskate, fool, or loser than a standard pussy. 2. Nate, roomate of Mitch and Matt on second Boer.
"I don't want to go because it is snowing"
"You big pussy"
by Mitchman April 11, 2007
A pussy bigger and wider then you're mothers bigger then a niggers dick better then a beaners free labor hands and wider then a whores asshole
She had a big pussy
by Pseudoman123569 April 05, 2013
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