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what one is when winning an argument with a liberal-socialist.
Left wing loon:"What,you dont agree with my position,your nothing but a bigot"
by DR May 03, 2005
One who is narrrowly or intolerantly devoted to his or her opinions and prejudices. Bascially a Liberal.

Liberals hate people that disagree with their narrowminded thinking.
Bigot is also Togib spelled backwards. :)
by John pat August 23, 2006
what a liberal calls you when you disagree with them about gay marriage. What a liberal calls you when you believe in moral absolutes and dont succomb to the "gray area" or moral relativism.

What a liberal calls you because you stick to your convictions and dont succommb to politcial correctness to be popular.
me: gay sex is not normal.
by Edwardo Vegas July 28, 2006
Another word that liberals tend to throw around when encountering someone that doesn't agree with them.Combining this word with "homophobe" and "ignorant" pretty much sums up their argument.
Person: I don't think gays should be allowed to marry-
Liberal(cutting in):OMG, you're such an ignorant and narrow-minded bigot!
by anonymous July 18, 2006
an ultra cool and groovy guy. a person who always has the love.
did you see that guy he was such a bigot
by coolman668 May 03, 2007