What an Italian says when he goes into a forest.
Mama-mia!Is a big-a-tree
by Robert Laramy March 20, 2005
Someone who has voted for the same political party throughout their life, without regard to changing social circumstances.
Mrs Duffy was a lifelong Labour voter. "She was just a bigoted woman" said Gordon Brown
by aureliozen April 29, 2010
Often misspelled as Biggot. A hardly illusive, privative form of man who coexists, though not peacefully, in todays modern world. These naive, highly religious, & often home-schooled creatures stop learning prior to the onset of puberty & cling ferociously to their teachings, so as to avoid having to learn anything new or challenging latter in life. Bigots are quite like hornets & wild bores; easily frightened & responding in bursts of violence, swarming, or poorly planned sabotage. The bigot is a territorial creature that acts negatively to different species of Bigots. They live unfulfilled lives, fruitlessly aiming for the goal of ridding the world of tolerance & free thought & making the world once again safe for slavery & capital punishment in a world where women never leave the house.
Bigots are trained early in life, force-attended by their parents. Most bigotry is taught in churches & the rest in religious or home school settings. The Caucasian Bigot is by far the deadliest & most offencive of it's species, & many hold it's kind accountable for spreading bigotry among smaller clusters, such as the Black Bigot, which was formed in retaliation after overconsumption.
by Allaiyah Weyn May 18, 2008
Bill O'Reilly
"Muslim's killed us on 9/11" true words of a bigot.
by Indie.Kid May 18, 2011
what one is when winning an argument with a liberal-socialist.
Left wing loon:"What,you dont agree with my position,your nothing but a bigot"
by DR May 03, 2005
sarah palin
she ignored socials issues because she was SPENDING too many tax dollars on GUNS, what a BIGOT
by LickyT July 28, 2010
One who is narrrowly or intolerantly devoted to his or her opinions and prejudices. Bascially a Liberal.

Liberals hate people that disagree with their narrowminded thinking.
Bigot is also Togib spelled backwards. :)
by John pat August 23, 2006

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