A person or group that attempts to take away rights, or successfully takes away rights, from a person or an entire class of people.
The proponents of proposition 8 and DOMA are bigots.
by Lavender Mist December 12, 2012
Bill O'Reilly
"Muslim's killed us on 9/11" true words of a bigot.
by Indie.Kid May 18, 2011
sarah palin
she ignored socials issues because she was SPENDING too many tax dollars on GUNS, what a BIGOT
by LickyT July 28, 2010
Someone who has voted for the same political party throughout their life, without regard to changing social circumstances.
Mrs Duffy was a lifelong Labour voter. "She was just a bigoted woman" said Gordon Brown
by aureliozen April 29, 2010
What an Italian says when he goes into a forest.
Mama-mia!Is a big-a-tree
by Robert Laramy March 20, 2005
A horrible person (usually a redneck), who hates everyone and everything that is
A: is different (ie: hate everything/everyone that isn't/is white)

B: not up to a certain standard (ie: hates everything that isn't white, rich, and male)

or C: just simply hates those things because he/she is a dickhead.

Rational Thinker: Why?

Toothless Hillbilly: Em, (long, rambling, off topic rant)

Rational Thinker: So, from what I hear, you are a worthless, arrogant, misinformed bigot who has nothing else to do but sit on your ass all day and blame other people for your problems?

toothless hillbilly: ........stfu
by DER TERKER JERBS September 02, 2010
what one is when winning an argument with a liberal-socialist.
Left wing loon:"What,you dont agree with my position,your nothing but a bigot"
by DR May 03, 2005

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