A very narrow-minded person. Bigots can come from a variety of backgrounds. Their level of formal education can range from none at all to perpetual student. They may or may not be affiliated with a religion. One thing bigots share is an undying devotion to their own ideologies and assumptions.
snoopdrj: "The South is full of bigoted and racist people. Anyone who doesn't agree with me is wrong."
stan: "Why do you believe that, snoop?"
snoopdrj: "I've met racist people while living here, which means racism permeates the South."
stan: "I wouldn't say that. Sure, there are some areas which are more racist than others, but you'll find that anywhere."
snoopdrj: "Are you fucking retarded? You're delusional! You've obviously lived a very sheltered life."
by stanthestan February 04, 2013
Angry people who despise opinions different from their own. They are easily spotted by their frequent use of the word "bigot" in daily speech when referring to other people. Bigots often work under the guise of journalists and sometimes as organizers for non-profits. They tend to be 15-30 years old. We used to refer to them as immature.
According to today's news, a judge struck down a law passed by bigots in the state of Idaho who had disapproved of redefining marriage to conform to modern standards.
by OakTree July 08, 2010
The term bigot means to be willingly ignorant or intolerant of another person's beliefs or opinions.

Bigotry is an accusation, which is often used by liberal and marxist types to condemn those people who are not of the same "tolerant" or "open minded" attitude as themselves.

By using this term they create what I call an infinite loop of intolerance.

If someone is accused of bigotry then the accusing party must also be intolerant of the accused persons intolerance; therefore, it is self evident that the term bigot in a sense, can not actually exist in a free society or open debate because of it's self-destructive, self-imploding and hypocritical nature.
"We must put an end to bigotry by criminalizing any dissenting point of view."

Real life application of this "anti-bigotry" includes hate laws, which are no more than Orwellian type "thought crimes".
by heavyd123 April 02, 2007
see also: hollywood and angry white man.
D.W. Griffith was a big time bigot.
by anon March 03, 2005
A teachy learner
-I just copied that and now your gonna arrange it into the setup.

-Why don't you go and spoink a simpler physics you spoinker.

-Wait, I just bi-got that. Freak out!
by ftlqed January 19, 2011
A person who's intolerant towards certain types of people, whether it's race, culture, religion, etc. In the late 20th century it became taboo to be a bigot and it's something alot of people keep to themselves now. But to me it's not such a big deal and I don't see what's so bad about it. Certain types of people make people think of them in a pessimistic way.
I'll admit that I'm a Bigot. I have never gotten along well with Blacks, Hispanics, and especially Wiggers. I just disagree with their entire way of life.
by Metalhead83 January 11, 2012
Often misspelled as Biggot. A hardly illusive, privative form of man who coexists, though not peacefully, in todays modern world. These naive, highly religious, & often home-schooled creatures stop learning prior to the onset of puberty & cling ferociously to their teachings, so as to avoid having to learn anything new or challenging latter in life. Bigots are quite like hornets & wild bores; easily frightened & responding in bursts of violence, swarming, or poorly planned sabotage. The bigot is a territorial creature that acts negatively to different species of Bigots. They live unfulfilled lives, fruitlessly aiming for the goal of ridding the world of tolerance & free thought & making the world once again safe for slavery & capital punishment in a world where women never leave the house.
Bigots are trained early in life, force-attended by their parents. Most bigotry is taught in churches & the rest in religious or home school settings. The Caucasian Bigot is by far the deadliest & most offencive of it's species, & many hold it's kind accountable for spreading bigotry among smaller clusters, such as the Black Bigot, which was formed in retaliation after overconsumption.
by Allaiyah Weyn May 18, 2008

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