one who is tall hairy wears larges shoes socks has large hands and of course has a long D#@^
Wow he has a bigfoot or Hey look it is bigfoot
by bigfoot January 16, 2004
A monster who moves like a man in a rubber suit.
Uncle Earl saw Bigfoot once.
by nikkan_hanil October 05, 2004
After sex when the female keeps her legs open and the male inserts his foot with speed.
Here love open ur legs i want to kick a field goal. i will insert a Big Foot in you.
by Sammy, Dave May 17, 2006
(1) A mythical creature often believed to be a large, hairy man.
(2) An over-sized or large pair of feet, often from a human.
(3) Often described to be a yeti found in the North West parts of the United States.
(1)Yo, I think I saw a Big Foot when I went camping!
(2) Hey man, I just noticed how big my feet are!
by KFC ruined me January 05, 2016
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