Usually a nickname towards a kid who is tall, big and hairy. Most kids named "Fabio" are normally nicknamed Big Foot
Don't you mean Big Foot?
by barilari January 15, 2011
the wanna-be computer fixer guy who usually gets so pissed you end up getting your computer shot with a 12 gauge
"you fucking computer!" BANG! BANG! "thats what cocksuckers like you get bitch!" bigfoot says
by zajji April 08, 2008
One of the nicknames of 'Demis Roussos', a greek (and french) singer. Also known as 'Yéti'.
Quand Demis Roussos fait une tournée aux USA, on le prend pour le Bigfoot. Quand il va en asie, on le prend pour le Yéti.
by Marianne January 18, 2004
Lonely Scottish unemployed illiterate. May or may not have been emplyed at BW through pity.
Look what that flid Bigfoot's done now
by ;o) January 10, 2004

1. A very, very, very hairy drunken man who's gotten lost the the woods where a German tourist discovers him and comments on his rather large foot.

2. A pimply Star Wars-crazed teenager who thinks he sees Chewbacca in a forest. Chewbacca = Bigfoot

3. The offspring of a gorilla and a human.

4. A lost extra from the movie 'Planet of the Apes'.

5. The offspring of a wookie, a Klingon, and an uruk-hai.
1. "Ziet das big, hairy Bär? Nein, das ist ein Menschen geklöft. Ein Mutant!

2. Holy crap, dude. That's fucking Chewbacca, man! YEAH!

3. That's gross!

4. Rawr! No, wait... where's Mark Wahlberg?!?!?!

5. Gross-er!

by crabtree-whothefucktookmyname? August 11, 2009
1.The guy in a hotel that is above you and is still walking around his room at 2:00 A.M.
2. The living Chewbacca.
*Thump thump* looks like bigfoot is still awake!*Thump Thump*

guy#2:You mean Chewbacca?
by Phoenix and Black Mustang July 16, 2005
a refering to a large harry persian woman
your wife is a big foot guss!!!you tooka big foot out of the woods and maried her guss!!
by andy January 12, 2004
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