International Hide-and-Seek champion last rumored to have been spotted in North America. Most believe he is a humanoid creature covered in fur. It is not uncommon for people to dress up and pretend to be this creature for the sake of hoax videos but due to the skill of the Hide-and-Seek judges and their ability to detect a false competitor, Big Foot remains in first place.
random person
"I see Big Foot!"

Hide-and-Seek Judge
"No you don't."

*Bam Margera runs away still wearing a gorilla suit*
by Arcane Cricket July 03, 2011
Noun- commonly known as Jeff Mittendorf. A Big foot usually has big feet, plays WoW (World of Warcraft) all day,smokes weed, and is a Nintendo fan. A Big foot can usually be found in the southern part of Alaska. A Big foot also usually has a sister that is a whore. A Big foot is usually looking depressed because he can't get a girlfriend. Sincerely: Ryan :
OMG! Big foot goes to my school? Why diddent anyone tell me? he stoned right now?
by Jason...not Ryan June 28, 2009
A fairly obscure slang term, used mainly in Alabama, for marijuana, or for the state of being extremely "stoned." To "hunt Bigfoot" is to smoke marijuana. To "catch Bigfoot" is to become extremely "stoned." Named after the mythical creature for a few reasons:
- The mythical creature is said to live in the American northwest and / or western provinces of Canada such as B.C., which is known for its high-quality marijuana.
- The phrase could also be a pun on "skunk ape," another nickname for the mythical creature.
- According to some skeptics, one would have to be on drugs to encounter the mythical creature.
"I've got a bag of Bigfoot in the car."
"Come over later, and we'll hunt some Bigfoot."
"Pass the chips; I've definitely caught Bigfoot. In fact, I think he's giving me a piggy-back ride."
by Frank213 January 05, 2006
A mythical creature that many low IQ people believe exists. It has supposedly been seen around the world for hundreds of years, but there has never been any solid proof. Some people even go as far as spending their entire lives searching for it, even though it is a scientific fact that its possibility of existence is slim to none.
"Hey did you hear about those two dumbasses in Northern California who claimed they caught Bigfoot?"
"Yeah, they're in jail now for kidnapping a tall guy with a long beard."
by savary1978 October 08, 2013
Starting off with the Cleveland Steamer but then putting your footprint in it. Shit on chest then foot in shit!
Tina Trumpetpharts asked me to give her the Cleveland Steamer so I kindly obliged but I didn't stop there. I gave her the BigFoot, we chuckled then went for sodas.
by the poz August 02, 2012
A kick-ass person who wears shoes above a twelve and has big socks. also: a person who doesn't give a damn and wants to one day be the coolest person ever
Jeff: "I want to rule the world!"
Brandon: "Then your a bigfoot!"
by Bigfoot7340 December 08, 2006
adjective; a big, tall, surly, over-weight and above average in height woman. Sometimes characterized by hair on her chest and she may have a mustache. They are known to be bullies and most often work as correction or detention officers.
Imagine Suge Night with breasts, then you know what I mean when I say Bigfoot.
by Denmark Vesey March 27, 2009
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