The ultimate hide and seek champion.
Anthony - "Want to play hide and seek?"

Carianne - "No way! You are a bigfoot at that game!"
by cherripie March 11, 2011
aka Sasquatch! Big Hairy MoFo who stinks! 7 feet tall. Scares Cats! Mostly seen in the 70's...on reel tape.
Yo, Big Foot is one hairy Bitch!
by T-Boy August 03, 2004
1. The guy right above you in a hotel that is stomping around at 3:oo A.M.!!!!

2. The real Chewbacca.
1. *stomping from ceiling* Why can't bigfoot up there GO TO SLEEP IT IS 3:00 A.M FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

2.dude#1 Hey did you just see bigfoot!?!
dude#2 What you mean Chewbacca?
by Aayla June 02, 2006
A big mother fucking pain in the ass creature that looks like he does steroids, really tall uaslly hangs around dumpsturs and eats the rotton fish in there. lots of so callled sightings of bigfoot( probaly fake)
names- sasqautch
tristan- hooly shit its a bigfoot
hobo- get the hell away from those fish u dick
by FoxyBtch April 01, 2010
A usually 7 foot tall, hairy ape that lives over much of North America, especially Texas and the Pacific Northwest.
I hear strange howls and screams at night, and also strange skunk or garbage-like smells; I think it may be a sasqautch.
by Steven December 15, 2003
To confuse the issue in a debate by making statements that are perceived as fictional or off-topic
Roy: You can't fool us by agreeing with us.

Another witness: I saw Bigfoot once. 1951, back in Sequoia National Park.

(Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
by nexstarman October 21, 2009
A large hairy humanoid creature.
by bighandsandfeet August 26, 2003

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