A bi-gender person is someone who experiences mental swings between genders. Their charactaristics or mannerisms change from male to female depending on the situation.
Cindy-lou-who was feminine yesterday, but today she seems more masculine. She might be bi-gender.
by Mx. Bri July 14, 2006
Top Definition
The tendacy to move between masculine and feminine gender-typed behaviour depending on context, expressing a distinctly male persona and a distinctly female persona.

While an androgynous person retains the same gender-typed behaviour across situations, the bigendered person purposely changes their gender-role behaviour for the situation. It is particularly noteworthy that this concept emerged from within the transgender community rather than being adopted by the transgender community after it was created by another sub-culture (e.g. transsexual was defined first by the mental health community).
Cameron started identifying as bigender because he felt that he belonged to both sexes.
by Damian Chamberlain July 20, 2006
A non-binary gender identity that relates to identifying as two gender identities. It can mean you identify as both binary genders, a binary gender and a non-binary gender, and two non-binary genders. One identifying as bigender could mean identifying as a conflation of two genders or a variation between the two. Bigender is different from intersex, as being intersex means being born with both sex characteristics of male and female whereas bigender means identifying as two genders.
Jessie is bigender. He goes from identifying as agender to male, and he/him are his preferred pronouns.
by ffx August 13, 2015
A sexually confused person with a large ass.
Q: Is that a man or a women? It sure has a big butt.
A: Both. Its a Big-ender.
by samisabadman October 11, 2015
A person, usually female with thick thighs and a meaty ass. If female, she has a small waist, and is not large all over, but her ass is very large relative to body size. Big ender is a bi-gender term. Some men can be big enders too.
I'm meeting Rose tonight, and I sure hope she's a big ender,
cause I'd love to get my paws on some meaty booty tonight.
by Olivia_yearns November 17, 2006
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