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a fat, lazy person who just wallows around in his own deep-sea bullshit all day. He or she typically lives with his parents and plays video games all day.
Garry: "Hey, where's Mike?"

Aaron: "That Big Tuna? He's probably playing video games in his parents' basement."

Garry: "Should we call him?"

Aaron: "Nah, he's probably busy on 4chan"
by Bawssey_Sauce March 17, 2013
8 7
Jim from "The Office"
I brought a tuna sandwich one day, so he calls me big tuna.
by Ben Shanahan March 28, 2007
289 77
NFL Coach Bill Parcels.
The Big Tuna's takin the Cowboys to the Superbowl this year.
by Biff Buttsack September 01, 2006
65 58
a lazy insurance agent
tony is the big fucking tuna
by balo July 25, 2003
21 69
Brittany Gann.... From Charlestown Indiana
Brittany Gann(aka) Big Tuna
by ninja babe November 15, 2004
16 76
A large penis that is proportional to a tuna can.
They don't call him Big Tuna for nothing.
by The Big Unit February 21, 2005
19 85