A word used by old white men when they want to make absolutely no sense.
"Coach Tom Izzo "Have fun tonight, don't let anyone big time you"....what?
by haiku September 28, 2013
The attitdue a chick will develop when she thinks she's so hot that she doesn't have to work in bed
Paris Hilton got all big time with Rick Solomon in that horrible movie 'One night in Paris'.
by vega$ November 21, 2007
something that is "the shit"
Man, that club was big time.
by Amber Eakin April 29, 2003
Big Time, from 1988, was Tom Waits' second live album, but it was his tenth release. Waits did a tour called Big Time which was taped and became a little known movie of the same name, and there was an album of the songs released. There are two new songs on the album, but all recordings of old songs are new. Falling Down and Strange Weather are the originals, though the latter was from the stage version of Frank's Wild Years. This is an amazing album, with beautiful versions of already perfect songs.
An excerpt from Big Time's-
Strange Weather

Will you take me across the Channel,
London Bridge is falling down
Strange, a woman tries to save
What a man will try to drown
And he's the rain that they predicted,
Its the forecast every time
The rose has died because you picked it
And I believe that brandy's mine
by Frank Rider August 23, 2009
A word used to describe ones delight at agreeing to partisipate in a certain event, should always be followed with a nasal sniff.
Question: "Are coming to the cock fight?"

Reply: "BIGTIME (sniff)"
by its Herbie April 29, 2005
in the pro series. professional, big, mondo, ipmressive

they used this one at church too
you made your Jimmy shirt into an apron ? that's big time !!
by Anonymous May 23, 2000
Something total jackamo's say to make something they did or are going to do sound gyro.
Booyah! Bigtime!
by hydroponics May 28, 2003
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