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type of men bert likes
eg. bert likes big men
by ert April 06, 2003
Players on a basketball team that are very tall. This term usually applies to centers or the "5" (who can easily be at least 7'0" tall) but can also apply to power forwards (also called the "4") or forward-centers (combination power-forwards/centers).
College Basketball fan #1: I can't believe that the coach keeps on using a 4-guard rotation! Our opponents have an 80% field goal percentage from inside the arc, and the team has absolutely no inside presence! In other words, if the team can't hit at least 50% of their 3-pointers, they will almost always lose, even at home.

College Basketball fan #2: We really need more big men. Tell Coach J to recruit some power forwards and centers instead of filling 4 out of the 5 new yearly spots with point guards and shooting guards.
by JasonMath March 29, 2008
1.The Biggest, Strongest mofo you've ever seen! & usually a proper LAD!

2.A guy who thinks he's well ard but he's actually a pussio
1.Guy1: Did you see that LAD last night!

Guy2: Yeh he was bear stacked!

Guy1: He's the Big Man

2.Guy1:Did you see that PRICK last night!

Guy2:He think he's such a Big Man
by ThatGuy12321 August 09, 2010
A person of great stature that towers above all of us, except for thebaby giraffe, often gets stuck in small places and has tendency to become tired and agitated. also can become unsatisfyingly hungry.

often performs stupid acts then lives to regret them because of peers such as the baby giraffe
"your such a big man!"
by mysticmike666 January 28, 2009
Ironically, a salutation to someone small in stature...
"Big up to the bigman!"
by derangedpoet July 14, 2003
A term used sarcastically towards those who make petty insults from a position of anonimity.
So yuo want to go and make fun of catholicism on a website with stupid child molestation jokes. Ooooh, big man....
by Gumba Gumba August 03, 2004
a huge over weight man you loves getting totaly stupid faced and pretending to be passed out so all his frends will tea bag him in the mouth. ass well as paying a fat hooker to give him a slater
hay kree kree look at the Big Man over there lets go tea bag him.
by boss October 25, 2004