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a commom pimp who does shit the way shit should be done. Usually of greek descent. Youll see the Big Guns running the clubs, winnin all the poker games, mackin all the ladies, and sippin all the cristalle. See kingpin and Don
the big gun ran new york.
by Grk King January 22, 2004
7 15
To get serious.
that's it! i'm pull'n out the big guns!
by Scott West January 29, 2003
79 32
large breasts
That redhead has some bigguns.
by Titfugger April 14, 2003
66 20
Large Biceps
He's got some big guns.
by 1337 g33k January 29, 2003
65 34
Big arm muscles, i.e. big biceps AND triceps.
Arnold has some serious big guns.
by Sandro May 29, 2005
38 19
a word to describe someone who is overweight or just flat out big. sometimes used to describe old man can be used teasingly or as an insult
hey, biggun, go get me a soda
by runt9 June 08, 2004
25 12
Large Breasts on a female, Not used for male breasts manboobs
Jesus! Those are some Big Guns!
by Brian May 29, 2005
33 26
To load up a list of numbers and dial through them with out actually clicking. A magical way of reaching out through out the country
In the morning your boss says "Load up your big gun",repeatedly, when in fact you already know that is a prerequisite of excellence.
by interesante March 09, 2010
4 6