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Targeting large women to rape
Charles Table Cloth Atkins lost his life because when big game hunting he was pushed of a cliff.
by heathen priestess May 31, 2009
To go out, get drunk and try to bang a fat girl/guy
Stu: Hey, whassup for tonight? I'm ready to get all crunked.
Gor: I think tonight both of us are going big game hunting. Drink up you goddam bitch.
by BeefStu November 14, 2004
To target and then fire upon a sensitive issue or topic in a debate, essay, joke, or conversation.

i.e. To be so blunt that it becomes offensive.
The candidate skipped the foreplay and started big game hunting his opponent's recent sexual scandal.
by Big Game Hunters May 06, 2008
to pursue a cougar (an older woman) for the purpose of sexual relations and or a good time.
Last Saturday night Matt was down town, big game hunting at level 2 and bagged himself a trophy cougar.
by viperomegax December 29, 2008