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Your older, (and often irritating) male sibling
"Hey look, it's my big brother Joe."
by Samantha1357 April 20, 2006
the absurdly popular televisation of a bunch of shameless
morons who sit around a house, talking,getting drunk , having sex and being boring all in the hope of winning millions of dollars.
Oh, and getting drunk and getting drunk..
"OMG!!I have to watch Big Brother tonight!!!
PersonA is nominating PersonB because they
don't like the colour of their fingernails"
by LINDAR May 27, 2006
The government, especially a tyrannical one.
When mommy and daddy don't do their job, Big Brother always takes over.
by Confederate Ninja June 05, 2012
A bizarre cross between The Real World and Survivor, with a dash of 1984 for flavor. Has spawned multiple variants around the world.

A bunch of people, called houseguests, enter a giant house with no contact with the outside world. There, they will be voted off one by one until a winner is decided.

Insanely popular in the United Kingdom, for whatever reason. There have been, as of now, twenty-eight seasons, thirteen of which involved celebrities. Compare this to the US, where there have been only sixteen seasons, none of which feature celebrities.
Yeah, I like Big Brother. Doesn't mean I'm British.
by I M. Nice June 26, 2014
A full sized keg of beer.

Full kegs contain 15.5 gallons of beer, which is exactly 1984 US fluid ounces.

Thus, "Big Brother" is a reference to George Orwell's book "1984", as well as a descriptive nickname for the beer container -- similar to "Tall Boy" (a tall, narrow 24oz beer can).
Hobo 1: Wanna go get some tall boys?
Hobo 2: Yeah, but why don't we get a Big Brother instead?
Hobo 1: Cause we're broke-ass hobos.
Hobo 2: Oh yeah, huh.
by Lien Sivad June 16, 2012
A person, body, or organization that is always watching out for you AND is always watching every move you make. Is there to help and defend you when you follow the basic rules and guidelines that are set out before you, and is also always watching every move you make and often times limits the amount of free will that you may exercise in your own life. Is sometimes helpful but is usually oppressive, limiting, and suffocating. The Government.
Thanks to "Big Brother" my family back in the States won't have an income for a few months...
by demsaredonkeys90 April 08, 2011
see soviet usa in urban dictionary and you will get a small understanding of the true meaning of big brother.
Soviet usa look it up
by TinfoilHelmet April 25, 2005
A program launched in the united states to help provide guidence to orphaned children
you too can become a big brother,you too can make a difference
by joe68 June 04, 2006