1.Da muh fuckin jimmy process of reachin a higher status. Usually when u accomplish some shit that was difficult and shit

2. A big muh fucka, I mean dis nigga goes bra shoppin with Ruben Studdard, in addition airlines makes this nigga buy 2 plane tickets
1. That nigga Peter get laid, that muh fucka reached big boy status

2. Hey Big Boy, give me some breathing room and get off my dick, yo ass knew u needed 2 seats when u bought that ticket
by imoverit November 08, 2006
A Dick Tracy nemesis. An acceptable answer to "Who did it?"
Question: "If someone were to bring a fruit basket to work, who would you say did it?" Answer: "Big boy did it."
by Whodidit October 01, 2008
One who can hold their liquor
Q: "You drank that night, didn't you?"
A: "Mam, I'm a big boy. I can hold my liquor."
by Kerry Knox March 12, 2010
Not to many people know this but this is actually a word that people use to name a nude picture. A person with a nude picture will call it a big boy to prevent anyone who doesnt need to know about it from knowing.
"Hey man, I scored this amazing big boy last night."
by The only trustworthy man alive September 13, 2011
the name for my penis
big boy gets big when he is excited and he foams at the mouth when miss wife touches it
by fuck you I dont have any friends October 02, 2005
andy byrd.
hey look! with the swoosh and the plate for the burger... is it big boy? no... its andy byrd.
by pylocatabasis January 06, 2004
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