A reference to the US Air Force (see Chair Force), usually referred to by special operations personnel, and other service components in a derogatory manner because of the lack of support from "conventional" Air Force elements.
They wouldn't let you in the chow hall because you weren't wearing a reflective belt? Fuck Big Blue!
by SgtWrecker October 31, 2010
Top Definition
Slang for the New York Football Giants.
Did you see the whoopin' Big Blue put on Romo and the Dallas Cowboys last weekend?
by Deak Silvertooth January 15, 2008
"Big Blue" refers to computer technology giant, IBM.
Big Blue makes some of the finest laptop computers in the world.
by signull June 19, 2006
Colloquialism for the blue Viagra pill.
Fix it for me and I'll get you a Big Blue.
by slim March 08, 2005
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