unavoidable, in your face
Yo that chick has her thong showin' shit is big bird son.
#wow #unavoidable #in your face #huge #crazy
by b-rock78 June 18, 2009
Top Definition
a big ass yellow homosexual bird from a little kids show
big bird was taking a shit on a chiminey and his ass cought on fire
by baka_kuso_yarou December 09, 2004
(verb) to explain a maddeningly simple concept to some poor interloper with a mile-thick skull. At times you feel like a Sesame Street character demonstrating the art of bubble blowing to an audience of half a million bile-stained, catatonic 2-year-olds.
is there any other topic you'd like me to fucking big bird for you?
#sesame street #read my lips #misanthropy #ilxor #snuffleupagus
by tintintin February 26, 2009
It is the pimp yellow bird from sesame street.
It can also be mainly be described as any kind of mutlipurpose helicopters. Though they may be big the big birds have no chance of taking on a little bird helicopter.
I flew my big bird yesterday and I almost died from the helicopter fight but I survived cuz my big bird is tough
#little bird #rockin robin #big bird #minigun #eagle vs. sam
by Boobsky November 01, 2006
The source of all sesame chicken.
Big Bird is the source of all sesame chicken.
#the #source #of #all #sesame #chicken.
by LuigiXmission.420 September 06, 2010
Military over-watch , usually in control of sending helicopters, and missiles.
Bravo four-two: "Bigbird we need a cobra en route to our location"

Bigbird:"Bigbird copies , Cobra inbound"
#millitary #mw2 #weapons #cobras #airstrikes
by mrjames81 January 01, 2010
The big middle finger
I was so pissed at this man so I gave him the big bird.
#big #bird #flip #off #flip off
by Clinker March 07, 2008
A woman who has a strangely proportioned body where she has a huge front fanny (sandbag) and a massive arse so she resembles the paedophile bird from Sesame St.
Whoaaa man, look at that Big Bird. Bet she has a wide set vagina.
#fat fanny #fat bum #sandbag #sesame street #fat
by she's a maniac June 30, 2010
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