the city of Omaha, Nebraska located in the midwest of the United States. Known for it's corn-fed cattle, rich man Warren Buffett, and popular independent record label, Saddle Creek. Often signified by the capital letter O and an exclamation mark- O!
I live in the Big O.
by lo beedle January 26, 2004
big o- rona's way of showing that his insanity can be expoenitally increased by not only knowing fans of the popular anime, but watching the show FLCL multiple times for it was origonally introduced to me by a big o fan.
no example
by Roan Dachmeth June 12, 2004
a.k.a. Opium
u do the big O today? u're all funny

many chinx were doin the big O back in the 19th century.
by big O November 26, 2003 an internet shopping website
Dirt cheap prices
by X April 29, 2004
The awesomest man to walk the earth(Oliver), this term has become his title, and legend, after bringing pleasure to many women.
Who fucked her? Big O nailed that biatch!
by AllofHer March 19, 2004
An Oscar (fish) with a rotting or decaying face. The face usually looks like it has holes in it. The fish often trys to ram his head into the glass of a fish tank in an attempt to glomp in your dufflebag.
"Did you see the Big-O last night? I nearly gaggled myself."
by Jennifer May 13, 2004
Slang for Oklahoma.
I'm a cracker from Big O.
by Stanley Q. Brick June 15, 2003

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