A notation used to denote the run-time of a given algorithm.
"So our lower bound here is O(n log n)."
"Nope. Got it in O(n log(log n))."
Elaine bested Donald Knuth at Big O Notation. So she left.
by Advanced Programmer April 22, 2009
something Teal does not donate to.
by sssonny June 01, 2013
The face of suprise somebody makes when you abruptly shove something into their anus.
When I shoved my penis into her ass, she did a Big O.
by SigiaZ August 23, 2011
Really big organism.
I had a awesome orgasm last night when I was banging that chick, she had tits the size of melons.
by henry hendosome April 18, 2004
one who is large, cheerful, and especially O-ish in nature
"Big O has got to be the coolest kid in the world.....next to Kearney"
by Big O April 23, 2003
1. An intense Orgasm let off by a female that squirts more than a foot away.
2. A Nice Oz of weed
3. The face she makes when she's riding a big black dick.
1. I got Jen to do the big o when i was eating her out last night, she almost shot me in the eye.

2. Hook me up with a Big o, i got a vaca from work- gonna smoke my brains out.

3. She must've liked it cuz she had a big o on her face the way she was moanin and screamin.
by Speciial Kay April 22, 2009
the city of Omaha, Nebraska located in the midwest of the United States. Known for it's corn-fed cattle, rich man Warren Buffett, and popular independent record label, Saddle Creek. Often signified by the capital letter O and an exclamation mark- O!
I live in the Big O.
by lo beedle January 26, 2004

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