fursatee salaa
big-G is site ke waat lagaa rahaa hai
by santa singh July 05, 2003
a brotha wid all de gizz
Big G got all da dat
by Dr. Blue June 06, 2003
The dude in pretty much most of the final fantasy games :P always seems random and slightly stupid...
often dies... and the we realise he is not dead :P

His mate is always (sometimes) wedge.
by Biggagliox February 07, 2010
something(s) that are very large. A word you would use if your excited to do something. I word you can use in a question involving there " areas "
im excited biggs time! or Look at that guy...bet hes biggs down in that area. or Ya wants some biggs up de bum
by jecemini August 13, 2007
my name according to doc giggles...lol
my name be BiG G, biatch!
by biatch May 11, 2004
1.(n.) A dumbass, illiterate, mother fucker that couldn't even spell his name without looking at his drivers license first. (Oops, I forgot, he's probably too fucking stupid to get a license--he had to use little baby building blocks to trace the letters.)
I heard someone say something that was about to get them an ass beating, but then I noticed it was BiG G; and I would really feel bad for kicking a retards' ass.
by P. Lesh June 20, 2003
Immigrant who basicaly looks like hes a resident from either China, Japan or both. Hair can vairy. Also known to have man boobs. See Morley or Orr. Both are pretty much the same anyway...
"Hey you alright?"
"Yeah i'm fine. I'm Harry by the way. I'm a Biggs!"
"...Fuck off back to your own country Morley!"
"...But...Fine you cunt!"
by Solomono June 20, 2007

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